Friends English Club

Project Description

Friends English Club is a unique space that offers students the opportunity to learn and practice English.

At The Friends, native moderators and highly-qualified professors with years of experience help students to work in a relax environment to acquire English knowledge and skills. Trough general topics debates and real life situations students immerse themselves on the English Culture.



  • Create a healthy environment to help physical, psychological and social development on children and adolescents.
  • Develop a good sense of self-esteem on students.
  • Develop Tolerance among students. To accept and respect others.
  • Work as a team: prioritize acceptance, respect, dialogue, cooperation and solidarity.
  • Encourage good use of language.
  • Encourage patience, perseverance and willpower.
  • Promote a positive and hopeful attitude.


Actual Situation


Friends English Club is held in a private hall in the Sierra Coffe located in Manas St, in Bishkek. Every Thursday at 1900 hrs, about 20 people gather not only to practice English, but also to share ideas and make new friends.

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Project Details

  • SinceSeptember 2016
  • People Involved20+